Garrett Metal Detectors, Gold Pans and Treasure Hunting Supplies

Garrett Metal Detectors has been selling top of the line metal detectors and treasure hunting supplies since 1964 and I can personally say they are highly recommended if you are interested in getting into the hobby of treasure hunting or need one for professional applications.  They have metal detectors for beginner and advanced treasure hunters.  Most are advanced enough to not only tell you if you have found a coin, but will tell you what kind of coin you have found!  They even have underwater metal detectors to search for gold and silver coins or artifacts on the ocean floor.

If you are interested in panning for gold, they also carry gold pans and complete gold panning kits.  Be sure to check out their books on treasure hunting, gold panning and metal detecting as well.  If you have ever had the desire to get a metal detector and start a new hobby, you will definitely have a blast doing so!  You never know what you will find out there and it is a hobby that can literally pay for itself.

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