Flight to Cancun

After our little excursion to the Dallas World Aquarium, we finally headed to the airport to head to Cancun, and then Puerto Aventuras. By the way, I do recommend planning a small side trip before you leave…it sort of makes you feel like you had two vacations in one!

There are pros and cons if you are flying from Dallas. Hopefully you are not, because it’s a huge airport and trying to find parking, where to check in, etc. can be a pain in the neck. Especially if you are leaving on a Sunday and there isn’t anyone to call for help. Again, try to get precise information in advance before you leave. Where to park and where in the airport to check in are the most important.

In our case, there were five separate terminals where we might be able to check in. Each located in separate buildings. No way could you walk to each of them at this airport. We tried calling in advance on the same day and luckily after talking to about 20 people, finally got the info of where we should check in. We were lucky someone was around on a Sunday…otherwise it would have taken hours to find.

Checking in was fairly simple. Show your photo I.D. along with passport or birth certificate, check in your luggage and you’re on your way. Or are you? Did you allow enough time for the dreaded security check?

Next we headed towards the security screening point and there was a huge line. Luckly, one of the TSA employees informed everyone the other security checkpoint was empty…so we headed that way along with a herd of other travelers.

We finally made it through, and went to grab a bite to eat and wait to board our plane. Like a couple of dorks, we brought our laptops with us, and checked our email using T-Mobile wireless (that we had to pay for).

A bunch of people had already taken seats near the supposed check-in gate, and just to be on the safe side I decided to make absolutely sure this was the right check in gate (even though it said on the ticket that it was). Guess what… they changed departure gates in mid-stream! How convenient! Thank you FunJet and Ryan Airlines!

It wasn’t that big of a deal…but I’m glad I checked. We then headed to the CORRECT departure gate and waited. A few minutes before departure they finally announced the gate change, and as the other travelers came to the correct gate…I felt soooo smart.

The flight was good and it took less than 3 hours to arrive. On the flight you can have pizza, sandwiches for $5. If you want to have a few drinks before you arrive they have those for sale as well.

I brought my video Ipod on the plane and watched movies and listened to music on the way. If you don’t have one, I highly recommend getting one. Be the envy of everyone on your flight while they suffer with boring travel magazines. Your flight will go so much faster this way…and Ipods are good to have around anyway.

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