Directories are a great segment to tap into. If you are great at finding information and love it, this is for you. There are limitless possibilities for directories on almost any subject. Take a look at the Directories in Print to give you an idea. You can have free listings and paid listings. You can set up your directory so that others write it, and all you have to do is type in the information they provide you. Again, go to the market first and see what type of directories you might be able to produce.

The nice thing is you can sell copies of your directory to people that are in the directory itself. You can also sell enhanced listings and other advertising in your directory to further increase your revenue.

If your directory is a hit, updating them is much easier and you can sell and resell year after year.

Some examples of directories include: The Yellow Pages, church directories, printer directories, restaurant directories, etc. There are literally tons of possibilities to explore here. Focus on your passions and explorer them further to see if you can think of an idea for a directory relating to your hobby, passion, career or other interests.

The professional directories published by Gale can be quite expensive. Check and you may find a slightly used one available for a fraction of the cost.

Check your local libraries to see if they have it – then you don’t have to pay a dime. Another great thing about directories is you don’t have to be a Shakespeare to write one. Compile the information, put it in an organized format, and you’re done!

Check for an older copy. For idea searching you don’t necessarily need an up to date copy. You can always check the library or current version later.