Catalonia Riviera Maya Hotel

We arrived at the Catalonia Riviera Maya Hotel I believe around 9 p.m. or sometime in early evening. After all of the traveling, fun at the airport and the approximate one hour ride from the airport…we were finally ready to relax.

As soon as we got there a very helpful and friendly staff assisted us with our luggage. Before we could check in a guy handed us two very tasty frozen adult beverages. We spent the rest of the trip trying to figure out what the drink was and never found out. We did find out that right around the corner are a couple of frozen drink machines…where I believe the mystery drinks came from. I never found out if anyone could help themselves to the drink machines or not.

Everything will probably be a blur for you at this point and you will care less what they say to you. They will probably give you some cards to use to get towels and some other papers. Keep that stuff and put it in your important papers folder (hopefully you brought one). You will need the towel cards to get your towels… and again, don’t lose your towels!

You will also get a bracelet that you will need to keep on for your entire stay. This is your key to unlimited food and drinks and also shows that you are staying at the hotel.

They will also give you a slip of paper to meet up in the morning with a representative. This is not mandatory…it is mainly to help aquaint you with the area and sell you excursion packages. We skipped that and did it on the second day. Keep the slip when you are ready to go. You might want to do it when they slip says to go, but just keep in mind the main reason for the meeting is to sell you excursion packages. Our representative was very nice and helpful, not pushy or annoying…very professional.

Have a tip ready for the luggage guy as they will likely treat you well when you arrive, and you will want to get off to a good start with the hotel.

We then checked into our room, relaxed a bit, cleaned up and went out to explore the resort. The pool was already closed for cleaning. Every night they close the pool at dark and you are not allowed to swim.

We decided to head to the snack bar to get something to eat and have a few drinks. The snack bar is open late, something like until 2 a.m. just in case you get the munchies. Now you will have to make a decision…do you want to get drunk and sleep in, or have a few drinks and go to bed so you can get up early. If you’re ready to party, there is a disco at the resort so you can go and stumble back to your room.

We wandered around a bit and started off with drinks from some of the bars located by the pool and beach. With our drinks in hand we gravitated to the beach and tested out the water a little bit. The water was nice and warm…almost like bath water. This was in June, so I’m not sure what it would be like in January, but probably still nice in the daytime at least.

If you get to the resort in early evening, you will probably want to stick around and relax and keep things simple and save your energy for the next day. If you prefer to keep things simple, they have a theater with nightly shows for your entertainment. You might want to just wander around with your Pina Colada and get acquainted with the hotel grounds.

If you get there early enough and are feeling adventurous, the main town of Puerto Aventuras is not too far away. It is in walking distance, probably less than 10 minutes away. We always walked in the daytime…but it’s probably safe at night too.

So, that was about it for us on the first night. We had a few drinks, a snack or two, checked out the disco, walked around the resort and didn’t stay up too late. It was so relaxing to finally arrive and realize for the rest of the vacation we were free to do what we want … for the next four days!

Stay tuned for my next post where I will talk about snorkeling at the resort, kayaking, the beach, the town of Puerto Aventuras and more. Bookmark this site now and check back soon!