Canon PowerShot SD1000 Digital Camera Review


Jacia from Tiger Direct reviews the Canon PowerShot SD1000 digital camera. This small camera has a whopping 7.1 megapixels, 2.5 inch wide LCD screen and is very easy to carry around. The Canon PowerShot SD1000 is designed for photographers who wants to take great pictures without things being too complicated.

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This digital camera also has “Color Accent Technology” so you can enhance specific colors depending on what you are shooting. The SD1000 comes with an audio-video input cable, USB cable, battery charger and software. Jacia also shows you a close-up of the LCD screen so you can get a better idea of how this camera works.

The Canon PowerShot SD1000 digital camera currently sells for around $230.  In depth reviews and sample photos may be found below:

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One thought on “Canon PowerShot SD1000 Digital Camera Review

  • I bought this to replcae the kit lens (18-55) for my 450d, I also got to put my 28-75mm on the shelf. The focal range of this lens was the big attraction for me. I am happy with the look and feel of this lens, nice and tight, no creeping with camera down. Manual focus overide, will focus fairly colse too. Focus is fast and quiet, the IS function is quiet and works great, Canon gets better at this with every new lens. background blur is very nice as Canon states a round apature opening to aid in this. It is very sharp at the point of focus, even wide open. Upon reading professional reviews I was almost dissuaded by the vignetting and chromatic abberation issues. They both only come into play at very wide angles and you can help the CA by stopping down. Every lens has its flaws, but if it was perfect what would you buy from them next year?! Overall I really like this lens and I am glad I purchased it.

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