Buy Land on the Moon from the Lunar Embassy

Tired of buying land on boring old Earth?  Why not reach for the stars and stake your claim and buy land on the moon?  Thanks to the Lunar Embassy, you can own lunar real estate for a fraction of the cost of what you pay here on Earth.  And no, this isn’t a joke.  Dennis Hope, founder of the Lunar Embassy found a legal loophole and has been selling land on the moon since 1980.  You can buy property on the moon for as little as $29.99 an acre and this includes a lunar deed, map, mineral rights, registration card and more.

To top things off, the Lunar Embassy will be launching a real spacecraft to the moon to physically deposit the names of the property holders listed in the database onto the surface of the moon.  Imagine… your name on the moon!  There are many other companies out there claiming to sell lunar land, but don’t be fooled… buy only from the Lunar Embassy –  the original moon real estate company.

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    With the referance to the ragestration of land, I am interested to buy the land on the moon.
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    Alpesh Parekh

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