Tips On Saving Space In Your Secured Self Storage

Are you a hoarder of things accumulated over years of shopping and travel, in the hope that these stuff will come in handy one of these days? All of us have tendencies to keep things due to sentimental or practical reasons.  However, there comes a time when we finally have to depart from the things we have come to treasure because they are eating precious spaces in our secured self storage. Never mind if these items that we have been keeping around for years contribute to our  income or are really important documents.  But it these are just dust collectors, we might as well give or sell them to whoever has a greater need for our extra items or put them in the garbage bin.  Remember that the greater the stuff that we store, the larger our storage requirement is and the bigger the cost that we pay for the secured self storage facility.

Here are three tips on how to clean-up and organize our secured self storage.   These are something that are not actually new, but just to remind us that being organized saves us spaces and money too.

Throw all those junks

Papers, utensils, clothes, furniture, fixtures, electronic gadgets and anything that is not being actively used or anything that is not worth keeping because they are already outdated.

As for documents, consider this. Land titles, birth certificates, contracts and similar documents may be kept in secured self storage for life. But there are documents which we are not really required to keep hard and original copies.  So, why not scan them and keep the electronic copy in your computer and get rid of the papers to lessen the clutter in you secure self storage?

Take out from the storage those items that can be used regularly

If you make an inventory of items in storage, you may invariably stumble on items that you have stored for future use and completely forgot about it.  These may be excess towels, lines, kitchen wares, office organizers, notepads, bags and a lot more. Our storage area is a treasure chest of a lot of useful items totally forgotten. So that these things are put into use, take them back to your home or office so that in effect, you clear your secured self storage for things that are really supposed to be stored.

Organize your secured self storage

Your secured self storage may not be seen by a lot of people and not often visited, but they deserve to be as organized as a library. It is a good idea to bring organizers, cabinets or filers inside the secured self storage.  If the storage space is of space of a one or two-car garage, labelling boxes and containers and putting all related items in one corner is a good idea. This way, it is easy to find items inside the storage area, without having to take out all items.

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