The Easiest Home Remedies For Your Common Ailments

Do you sometimes feel a bit sick and you think that you just can’t afford to go to the hospital or that you can’t take some pill-popping anymore? Do you sometimes wish that you could create a wonder drug just inside your kitchen and easily alleviate all the pains and weaknesses you are currently experiencing? Well, not to worry! It is indeed possible to conjure up some healthy home remedies that you can easily whip up within the comforts of your own home.

  • Feeling a bit queasy in the tummy? That might be indigestion. For such cases, a hot cup of tea will usually do the trick. To be specific, fennel tea is the best remedy for indigestion in the home. It can help you with any kind of stomach bloating, indigestion, and even stomach upsets. Basically, herbal teas are famous for their amazing ability to sooth the digestive system and keep it in track. Drink tea after every meal and you will no longer feel any stomach upsets.
  • If you are one to get under the weather quite often, having a cold must be one of the most common symptoms you get. We cannot avoid catching a cold especially during days when our immune system is down. Make it a point that instead of curing the cold, prevent it from happening. An herbal concoction does the trick every time. By making your own herbal concoction with the use of anti viral vegetables, herbs, and spices, you’ll be drinking the healing powers of alternative medicine that will surely fit the budget. Garlic, ginger, green onions, cinnamon, and basil leaves are the most common combination used for these concoctions. Aside from that, it protects your immune system and not just cure the problem.
  • If you are burdened with cough spells and you are sick of taking that cough syrup that makes you dizzy, why not make your own cough remedy? By chewing a clove or garlic, you will be bale to fight that soreness in your throat and cure your cough as well. Pop it in the microwave for a few seconds and then chew it if you can later on. Eucalyptus oil is also essential for coughs too stubborn for garlic. Just take a whiff of the eucalyptus oil and you’ll feel relieved in no time.
  • Rashes are caused by a number of irritants we around us that we can’t even pinpoint which one of theme exactly is the cause. And if nature is the cause, why not make nature the cure? Try an ointment made from a plant such as calendula? Instead of using a steroid cream, opt for the healthier choice. The plant is actually a mild anti-septic that cleans the skin and rids it of all the irritation. The aloe vera plant is very helpful as well.

So why opt for those expensive medications with possible advert effects for your simple symptoms when you can have effective herbal alternatives that you can find in your backyard? Start growing them now and you’ll not only save yourself from expensive medical bills, but from negative side effects as well.


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