Summer in South Korea

I’m most certainly not a fan of cold weather. Hence, when I first moved from a hot and humid 35c to a cold and dry -15c, it was a weeee shock to say the least! You see, I have spent almost two years now teaching in South Korea. The job is good, the package is nice and  am lucky to be in a beautiful small coastal city,


However, this year in South Korea, even I’m struggling a little with the heat! It was almost 38c this weekend with very high humidity. It seems like this year has been a run of heatwaves across the world. Last year seemed to be the opposite with floods everywhere. What even happened to predictable weather!? Nowadays I seem to find myself carrying an umbrella to work almost everyday.


Still, rant out of the way, this is some fantastic beach weather! Just need to slap on some cream and enjoy the sun. Time for another BBQ soon I think. How about you guys? Is the summer extreme over your way?

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