Birthday Scavenger Hunt

Turning a birthday into a scavenger hunt is surely one of the most unique party ideas, particularly for children aged 8 and over. Instead of the same old boring birthday party games, why not lighten things up by coming up with some and unique clues, riddles and hints and put on your very own birthday scavenger hunt? It’s easy, and will ensure that your child’s party is remembered well into the future by all who attend.

The first step to designing your scavenger hunt for a birthday party is to plan the course that the hunt will take. Pinpoint different clue locations along the way, so you will have your basic map set out.

Next, start designing your clues and riddles. The difficult of these will depend upon the age of the participants. If they are very young children, picture hints are a good idea. Older kids might enjoy trying to decipher simple short rhymes or riddles – you can make up your own or use some of the ideas found online or in books.

To make it even more exciting, adding small prizes at each clue point will entice participants to keep on going. Of course, the best prize should be waiting at the end for the final winner!

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