SEO Tutorial – Know the Basics of SEO

Finding a helpful SEO tutorial can be difficult, as the industry changes by the day and there are no black and white rules about how to go about implementing SEO into a website. These days, Google and other search engine algorithms are highly variable and SEO experts can only guess as to what methods will result in high rankings in search engines. The following are the very basics that any good SEO tutorial should cover.

1. Page title optimization
The page title is what shows in the search results, and also in the top of the browser. It must be relevant to your content and preferably contain the keywords you are aiming to rank for.

2. Fast loading times
This is an important ranking factor nowadays, so ensure there is nothing slowing your website down such as large images or bloated JavaScript code.

3. Content optimization
It is obvious that website content needs to contain the keywords that you wish to rank well for, as well as related words (known as LSI). Using them naturally throughout your content rather than over-using them is the best option.

The above list provides the foundation search engine optimization techniques for any website, regardless of what type of site it is.

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