SEO Tips For a Blog

Starting a new blog is exciting, as is building up an existing blog with interesting content that you believe your audience will enjoy. But if you don’t rank highly in the search engines, how will anyone ever read your content? This is the challenge that blog owners struggle with now, more than ever before. It is getting harder and harder to rank well, but these simple SEO tips for a blog can help you make some ground, whether you are just starting out or have an old blog that needs a SEO boost.

For starters, installing an SEO plugin such as All in One SEO for WordPress is vital as it provides a central point to set up your sitewide SEO, as well as for optimizing each and every page and post.

Next, ensure that your images are named according to your keywords – image search is highly popular in search engines and this can be a great way to get some extra free traffic. Also set up your alt and title tags for images to contain keywords.

Permalinks, that is the URL‘s of your blog posts, should usually be close to the title of your blog and contain your chosen keywords. Additionally, your blog post tags can also get indexed in search engines and thus, generate extra traffic .

These basic SEO tips for a blog will lay the foundation for the success of your website.

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