SEO Help: How to Get Started

The first priority for any SEO plan is to get your website indexed in the major search engines. These being Google, Yahoo and Bing. Generally, this happens naturally as the search engine robots come around and index new web pages. However submitting an XML sitemap, and having an on site HTML based sitemap can greatly assist the spiders to find all of your pages quickly.

Getting SEO help from a professional is a debatable topic. In general, basic SEO is quite simple to carry out yourself. The main aspect to consider is the website content itself and the linking on and off your site. A third dimension that is now also extremely important, is your social media reach. It is possible now to receive a hug amount of free traffic from social media sites if you know how to play your cards right.

These sites include Facebook, Google Plus, Pinterest, Tumblr, Twitter and so on. With a little bit of “viral” content, you can find yourself receiving many website visitors from these sites. But the key is to not abandon your site: your content must be of excellent value to the visitor or they simply won’t return.

Getting SEO help can seem like a mine field at times. Thankfully, it is fairly straightforward to carry out the most basic and important tasks yourself, particularly if you are using a simple website builder like WordPress, which has many built in SEO functions, as well as excellent and easy to use search engine optimization plugins.

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