SEO Copywriting Tips

Knowing the art of copywriting can mean the difference between an average website, and one that attracts thousands of visitors. Copywriting can refer to regular content writing or more so, to text that relates to sales and influencing website visitors to take some form of action – this could to purchase a product, sign up to an email list or some other such action.

Being able to “push the right buttons” when it comes to creating persuasive copywriting is a skill that takes practice, and combining that skill with good knowledge of SEO means that you can become an expert at SEO copywriting and reap the benefits of this powerful ability.

The headline is without doubt something that should be given a huge amount of attention. A headline or title can make or break your copywriting. You have a fraction of a second to get someone’s attention via your headline, so make it a good one!

After the headline, your opening paragraph or sentence should entire the reader to continue reading. This can be in the form of eliciting curiosity, or hitting on a desire that you know your audience feels.

These basic SEO copywriting tips are simple, yet highly important if you are to be successful with your website copy.

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