SEO Blog Tips – Optimizing Your Blog for Search Engines

It is important for all webmasters to know the basics of SEO. These include factors that every search engine requires in order for your site to have a chance at ranking highly. Overlooking these critical aspects of search engine optimization can result in a lack of free organic traffic, and often leads people to purchase advertising instead. So what are the basics that any good SEO tutorial should teach you?

Firstly, you should learn about keywords. These are the words that people use when they enter a query into a search engine. You need to identify the keywords that you wish to target, and use them in your page title, headings and content. However they should never be over used as this is considered spamming by the search engines. It is also wise to figure out some related keywords that you think people might also use – this can help you to pick up extra traffic. By examining your website visitor logs and analytics, you will also over time be able to find different keywords that people have used to find your site.

In addition to keywords, a good SEO tutorial should touch on linking strategies, site navigational structure, social media, on site optimization and general marketing. All of these aspects combined will increase the chance of your blog ranking well in the search engines.

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