SEO and Website Marketing – Getting Free Website Traffic

Search engine optimization (SEO) and web marketing, while related and intertwined, can be considered two separate strategies for gaining website visitors. SEO lays the basic foundations down for a site to be optimized according to what search engines require, while marketing entails a much broader strategy for gaining website visitors both in the short and long terms.

On-site SEO involves simply optimizing your web pages for your targeted keywords, without going over the top. This means creating smart title tags, content that is keyword rich, and ensuring your site is highly usable for visitors and easy for search engine spiders to navigate too.

Marketing on the other hand requires a much longer term strategy. By far, one of the most important marketing platforms today is social media. In fact, a website can gain the vast majority of its traffic from social websites without having to rely on search engines, provided a good social platform marketing strategy is devised.

Creating an interesting Facebook page, Youtube channel, Instagram and Twitter accounts that encourage people to interact with your brand or company, and gives them incentive to visit your website, can provide an excellent free traffic source.

Combining smart SEO and website marketing techniques means that you can rely on free traffic to your website rather than spending large amounts on advertising.

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