Our Wants and Needs

All of us have different wants and needs.  There is a difference between the two though.  A need is something we must have to survive.  We all need oxygen, food and water to survive.  The next need in line is shelter.  But, you could argue that this is a want.  Do you really need shelter to survive?  If it is cold out, most likely you will.  We can then move to say other needs include having an income, a car, a family and so forth.  This is when we start getting into the area of wants.

We have to fulfill our needs before we can move to our wants.  We can keep going on and on and pretty soon we get to the point where we think we need DVD players and televisions in our cars, high speed Internet access and a new wardrobe.  When you think about it, there are many more wants than there are needs.  For the most part, it is best to focus on the wants of a particular market.

What are some of the basic wants we humans have?  We want to look better, feel better, be happier, have more money, be loved, live a long life, be free of disease, be popular, go on vacations, and enjoy hobbies and other recreational activities.  In the broadest general sense, we all want to improve our lives, and certain aspects of our lives.  We want more pleasure, more happiness.  We want a car, but what we really want is a nice car.  We want a house, but we really want a mansion.  What are the wants of a particular market?  What book could you sell that would be absolutely irresistible to that market?

Wants are simply more exciting.  We all want to live longer, drive fast cars, look better, have more money, love, etc.  But they are not needed to survive.  Sure, we might need a car, but the goal is to get from point A to point B.

When you go to a market, try to find out what the market wants or needs. You will probably make more money by appealing to people’s wants first and then their needs.