Natural Search Engine Optimization

Natural search engine optimization is all about not over-optimizing a website so that it appears unnatural. Likewise, it can also relate to not engaging in heavy link building or manipulative practices that a search engine may see as breaking its guidelines. In fact, recent Google updates have heavily penalized some websites which had many low quality links pointing to them. The general consensus now is that quality is much more important than quantity; and this can be applied not only to inbound links, but to the content on your website as well.

So how can you achieve natural SEO and still rank highly, without breaking the rules? The key is to create content that other webmasters will naturally link to. Additionally, content that has the ability to go viral on the various popular social media websites. This does not necessarily have to be text content, but also videos, images and even apps or games that people feel inclined to share around just because they’re great.

Sprinkling your targeted keywords throughout your articles is still a necessary part of SEO, but don’t over do it. In addition to your main keywords, brainstorm many related keywords that you’d also like to rank for, and that relate well to your website topic. This broadens your reach in the search engines and ensures that you don’t use the same words too many times.

Natural search engine optimization is a long term plan that can result in a website receiving consistent free search engine and social media traffic.

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