Despite of many professions, law is the one which emphasizes the procession of crime and civil activities. Lawyers enlighten the rights and needs of the society. Lawyers are the lawn of the constitution. They solve the diplomatic and provincial issues. They depict the strength of truth and justice. Lawyers advise government concerns, individuals, and businesses on legal disputes. Some lawyers work in private legal offices. Lawyers stabilize the social, political issues to deliver the justice. Some of their names include solicitor, barrister, attorney, advocate, patent agents.

Becoming an efficient lawyer is a rigorous process. A comprehensive, intelligent, communicative person can become a lawyer with a bit of work. This article explains about how to become a lawyer. The entire career path takes seven years to complete. In this profession, there are over 70 categories of attorneys or practice areas. The best option for lawyers is to get the internship in an existing firm.

A person who wants to pursue law must ensure their specialization. Pre law degree which may be a BS or BA degree is an essential criterion to become a lawyer. Over many major areas political science or criminal may be the best option.

After finishing the degree, a Law School Admission Test must be taken. A high cut off in LSAT and high GPA must be maintained to ensure admission. Juris Doctorate will be earned upon graduation. This would take about 3 years for graduation.

The American Bar Association exam must be taken to practice law in the US. An interview will be conducted by the Law Examiners Board to test the area of practice. The capital fee to become a lawyer depends on the school requirements. It can be around 150,000 USD. Character and fitness evaluations must also be cleared to become a lawyer.

The Qualifications or skills to become a lawyer include a Key team player, high Interpersonal skills, and effective communication. The person should be enthusiastic, energetic, jovial and individual. Also commitment and perseverance in legal career is an important criterion.

There are various subjects needed to become a lawyer. Some of them include criminal, property and constitutional. Criminal law entitles the punishment of society with fines and jail. Many Criminal law courses provide an overview of the theories. Property law describes personal rights and property. Some of them include land, gifts, mineral and water rights. Constitutional law deals the important rights in the United States Constitution. Some topics are civil, commerce, states’ rights.

The various types of lawyers are administrative lawyer, ambien lawyer, annulment lawyer, asbestos lawyer, assault lawyer, autism lawyer, avandia lawyer, bad-faith-insurance lawyer, bankruptcy lawyer, birth injury lawyer; boating accident lawyer etc.

The salary of lawyers depends on various factors. The salary of an attorney with work experience will always be higher than the average salary. One of the factors is the chosen specialization area. It also depends on the type and size of firm. The salary will be around 70,000USD, but can be higher, or sometimes even lower. Either way, being a lawyer can provide you with a nice level of living, so long as you can secure a stable position with promotional opportunities within the firm.