Helpful Google SEO Tips

Optimizing your website for Google’s search engine results can be a tough endeavor. After all, Google has hundreds of different factors that affect the rankings of websites – and no one knows exactly how their algorithms work. What you can however do with confidence is to follow the Google webmaster guidelines as closely as possible, to give your website the best chance of success.

Google SEO tips are much the same as optimizing your website for the people who will visit it: create great content, a usable layout and don’t engage in unethical practices. Google’s webmaster guidelines state that submitting an XML sitemap using Google Webmaster Tools will help their robots to crawl your site and increase the coverage of your website in the web index. Additionally, they recommend having a website with a clear hierarchy of pages, and links that ensure that every page can be reached.

Other Google SEO tips that you can find in their guidelines relate to basic on page SEO, clean HTML, creating pages for users and not search engines, avoiding tricks and black hat techniques and of course, creating the best quality of content that you can! Covering all these basic tips will get you off to the best start when it comes to SEO.

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