Best SEO Tips

Finding out the best SEO tips may seem daunting. After all, hundreds of different factors are taken into consideration when search engines rank websites. So which do you focus on? The key is to focus on the basics which have worked for years: building a website with a good linking structure and page architecture, gaining links from outside quality sources, submitting sitemaps, and something that is relatively new: ensuring your website is talked about positively on social websites.

Adhering to the Google and Bing webmaster guidelines is a good place to start. This means:

  • Creating a useful website
  • Create a sitemap that users and search engines can access
  • Conduct keyword research and ensure your content targets those keywords, without appearing spammy
  • Complete basic on site HTML optimization such as title tags, alt tags and proper use of heading tags
  • Ensure your site loads as fast as possible by reducing image file sizes and JavaScript

Above all, when it comes to SEO tips the biggest one you can take notice of involves the quality of your content. Without top quality content, people will have no reason to visit your website. So in 2013, make your content your top priority: the rest is sure to follow!

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