4 Tips for Writing Winning Essays

The most difficult part of writing an essay is getting started. It is easy to become trapped in the research stage, and not actually begin your essay – and this leads to endless procrastination and stress. Once you know the purpose and have come up with a basic outline of your essay, you will find it considerably easier not only to start it, but to continue until the very end. These five quick tips will help you to write winning essays time and time again.

1. Introduction Matters
The intro of your essay is of vital importance, as it’s obviously the first chance to grab the reader’s attention. Spend a good amount of time writing a quality introduction – it will be well worth the effort.

2. Spend Time Brainstorming
Although it can be tempting to start writing without really thinking or planning your essay, it will be considerably easier to maintain a good writing flow if you’ve written down some brainstorming points beforehand.

3. Read Similar Essays
The internet makes it fairly simple to track down other essays on your topic, so try and read similar ones to get a feel for their tone and content – but never copy another essay.

4. Conclusions
As with the introduction, a top quality conclusion can mean the difference between a good essay and a great one. Address each argument made in the essay and decide which one is the most relevant, or the strongest, and state why. Back up your reasons with a brief summary of the reasons.

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